• Artist: Nick Hasty, Jason Huff
  • Description: False Gods drop from the sky and into the sand in this meditative web-based piece. As an installation, the work extends beyond the screen and into the physical space, with 8ft. tall masks.
  • URL: lifelessthings.com
  • Keywords: projection, installation

Refractor, 2013
  • Artist: Toby Schachman
  • Description: A touch-based tool for refracting and distorting images using directly manipulable mathematical transformations.
  • URL: http://tobyschachman.com/
  • Keywords: interactive, software

God's Eyes, 2013
  • Artist: Aaron Meyers, Lauren McCarthy
  • Description: "God's Eye" is an iPhone app that allows the highest scoring player to become God. The objective is to keep God's attention for as long as possible by showing him/her interesting content.
  • URL: godsey.es
  • Keywords: interactive, game, software
God's Eyes

  • Artist: Forrest Olliphant
  • Description: Bring paper to life with a paper-to-projection powered by Meemoo.org. Cam → chromakey → animation → particles.
  • URL: www.link.com
  • Keywords: 3d, interactive, projection, live, multimedia, video, installation

~CATGOD~, 2013
  • Artist: Reed + Rader
  • Description: Projection mapped 3D cat head, because cats are our gods.
  • URL: http://www.reedandrader.com
  • Keywords: 3d, projection, sculpture, installation, fabrication, software

Iconoclashes, 2013
  • Artist: Erik Berglin , Clement Valla
  • Description: Iconoclashes use the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s digital image collection. We searched for images tagged with ‘God’ or ‘Religion.’ These selected images are then fed into Photoshop’s ‘Photomerge’ script, creating a mashup of deities, talismans, stellae, gods, scribes and statues.
  • URL: http://iconoclashes.com
  • Keywords: installation, print

  • Artist: Nick Yulman
  • Description: A sound installation that uses spatial sensing and a grid of electromechanical sound modules to create a rain storm that follows visitors as they move through space.
  • URL: http://nysoundworks.org
  • Keywords: interactive, sound, live, installation

God.js, 2013
  • Artist: Will Brand, Ramsey Nasser, Ivan Safrin
  • Description: God.js is a programming language that emulates scripture. As you surf, it enforces your expressed edicts, such as "Thou shalt not visit 4chan."
  • URL: https://github.com/nasser/god.js
  • Keywords: interactive, live, multimedia, net art, HTML, software

  • Artist: Joe McKay
  • Description: When the viewer steps on a mat in front of the piece, Superman flies around the globe. As he flies, a digital clock spins backwards and the superman theme plays. This piece is an homage to the ultimate "God Mode" moment - Superman saving Lois by spinning the world backwards.
  • URL: http://joemckay.net
  • Keywords: 3d, interactive, live, installation

  • Artist: Sougwen Chung
  • Description: Abstract sculptural interpretation of the immortal jellyfish, an installation with projections
  • URL: http://sougwen.com
  • Keywords: 3d, projection, live, multimedia, video, sculpture, installation