• Artist: Quin Kennedy
  • Description: A globe that shows security footage from around the world.
  • URL: http://quinkennedy.com/
  • Keywords: live, installation

twetr, 2013
  • Artist: David Huerta, Dan Moore, Jonathan Dahan, Pablo Gnecco
  • Description: The official unofficial app to enhance your ArtHackDay: GOD MODE experience
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, live, multimedia, software

God Game, 2013
  • Artist: John Resig Leonard Grey
  • Description: Battle other gods to institute your master plan while your pixels live, breed, and die.
  • URL: https://github.com/jeresig/god-game
  • Keywords: interactive, live, multimedia, game, software

  • Artist: Quin Kennedy
  • Description: A receipt machine pulls every phrase from Twitter that begins with "Thou Shalt" and prints it. Each receipt is numbered.
  • URL: http://quinkennedy.com/
  • Keywords: interactive, installation

  • Artist: Nick Johnson, Jonathan Dahan, Dan Moore
  • Description: When you press a red button, the machine sends a text message from "God" to everyone in the system.
  • URL: www.link.com
  • Keywords: interactive, software

  • Artist: Ivan Safrin
  • Description: A sound installation that reads from various Terms of Service as if they’re the Ten Commandments.
  • URL: http://www.ivansafrin.com/
  • Keywords: sound

Pious Web, 2013
  • Artist: Sean McIntyre, Natalia Radywyl, Alan Schaffer, Jonathan Dahan
  • Description: An Internet experience approved by Jesus. Questionable web images are covered by pictures of the Lord and religious commandments are injected into your surfing.
  • URL: github.com/boxysean/PiousWeb
  • Keywords: HTML, software

instagodit, 2013
  • Artist: Sue Ngo, Eszter Ozsvald, Vuokko Aro
  • Description: Instagodit takes your instagrams and superimposes onto them your public personal information to create a Jesus-friendly photo montage.
  • URL: www.link.com
  • Keywords: net art, photograph

  • Artist: Mauricio Giraldo, Jonathan Dahan
  • Description: This interactive artwork tracks tweets from across the globe using religious keywords and allows the player (god) to punish or reward people, send them to heaven or hell, based on the content of those tweets. It's controlled by hand gestures via the LEAP sensor.
  • URL: www.link.com
  • Keywords: projection, game

  • Artist: Katie Koepfinger, Burcum Aybike Türkmen
  • Description: Three small robots are activated by human interaction, placing the role of "God Mode" into the viewer's hands.
  • URL: http://katiekoep.me/
  • Keywords: interactive, installation