May 15 2010- May 25 2010
Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Curated by Igal Nassima

Passage explores the connection between a space and a body existing within it. The show exhibits new thesis work by recent NYU ITP graduates that transform the way we interact with an environment whether by exposing an experience such as Michelle Mayer’s Tuning Room or augmenting it with the sounds of nature in Jill Haefele’s piece Human:Nature. The works question the ability to communicate a spatiotemporal moment and highlight the hidden processes that occur as the result of our bodies presence.

Participating artists include: Drew Burrows, Angela ChenJill Haefele, Jeremiah JohnsonMichelle Mayer, and  Nahanaeli Schelling.

Works (In Order of Appearance)
  • Artist: Jill Haefele
  • Description: custom-made headphones with crickets and natural materials
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, sound
series of walks
  • Artist: Drew Burrows
  • Description: site-specific video installation designed to interact with viewer's movements
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, video, installation
Black Box, 2010
  • Artist: Jeremiah Johnson
  • Description: video installation. gradual accumulation of text containing the last words transmitted from the cockpits of 59 flights that crashed between 1962 and 2009
  • URL:
  • Keywords: video, installation, text