Not Spring, Not Winter (2012)
Mar 03 2012- Mar 04 2012
Opening Hours: 2:00pm - 10:00PM
Curated by Ivana Basic, Jack Kalish and Kate Watson

Not Spring, Not Winter is an annual curated exhibition of recent works by students from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. This third iteration of Not Spring, Not Winter will focus on revealing places that are hidden, internal, or private, gradually exposing what lies beneath the surface for the viewer who is willing to wait. Toby Schachman’s “Gold Noise” and Rose Schlossberg’s “Cabin #14/Car #430” create meditative spaces out of thin air, while Genevieve Hoffman’s “NY1#1” allows the viewer access to obscure urban spaces and infrastructures. The works in Not Spring, Not Winter employ modes of repetition and duration, examining the shifting division between internal and external properties – the “here” and “there”.

Participating artists include: Hanny Ahern, Engin Ayaz, Ivana Basic, Merche Blasco, Tak Cheung, Genevieve Hoffman, Diana Huang, Jack Kalish, Doug Kanter, Gabriella Levine, Thitipong Luangaroonlerd, Chien Yu Lin, Catherine McCurry, Claire Mitchel, Toby Schachman, Rose Schlossberg, Dan Scofield, Kate Watson, and Emily Webster.

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  • Not Spring, Not Winter 2012 Performances
    Venue: 319 Scholes
    Sat. Mar 3, 2012 8:00 pm - Sat. Mar 3, 2012 10:00 pm

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  • Works (In Order of Appearance)
    Gold Noise, 2011
    • Artist: Toby Schachman
    • Description: 23 radios arranged in a circle with a cushion in the middle
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sound, installation
    • Artist: Genevieve Hoffman
    • Description: 3d printed sculpture generated with OpenCV and custom software
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sculpture, fabrication, software
    • Artist: Claire Mitchel
    • Description: c-print 42" x 42", 6 laser-etched acrylic portrait panels suspended from ceiling
    • URL:
    • Keywords: print, fabrication
    Screen shot 2012-02-11 at 8.14.09 PM
    • Artist: Emily Webster and Maria Rabinovich
    • Description: acrylic spheres, LEDs, slides
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sculpture, installation
    • Artist: Rose Schlossberg
    • Description: single-channel video projection
    • URL:
    • Keywords: projection, video
    HeartWave, 2011
    Invisible, 2011
    • Artist: Chien Yu Lin & Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd
    • Description: single-channel video projection, Kinect
    • URL:
    • Keywords: interactive, projection, video, software
    • Artist: Dan Scofield
    • Description: video projection with sound
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sound, projection, video, performance
    • Artist: Toby Schachman
    • Description: Mirrors, water, air pump
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sculpture, installation, fabrication
    • Artist: Hanny Ahern
    • Description: light bulbs and custom-circuitry
    • URL:
    • Keywords: interactive, performance, sculpture, installation
    Solid, 2011
    • Artist: Ivana Basic
    • Description: plaster, 6 solenoids, Kinect, custom-made circuitry, single-channel video projection
    • URL:
    • Keywords: interactive, projection, sculpture, installation
    • Artist: Mercedes Blasco, performing with Thessia Machado, Sonia Megías, and Slavo Krekovic
    • Description: Three voices piece controlled by Theremin sensors followed by an electroacoustic improvisation
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sound, live, performance, music
    • Artist: Gabriella Levine
    • Description: multimedia performance with custom electronics, light and sound (5 x 4 x 3 ft, 3 Fluorescent lights, computer, projector, wood, paper, solenoids, electronics and microcontrollers, LEDs)
    • URL:
    • Keywords: live, multimedia, performance, software
    • Artist: Jack Kalish, performing with Ivana Basic
    • Description: multimedia performance with sound and two-channel projection
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sound, projection, live, performance, software
    • Artist: Catherine McCurry
    • Description: multimedia performance with sound and single-channel projection
    • URL:
    • Keywords: sound, projection, live, performance
    CritMash, 2011
    • Artist: Roopa Vasudevan, James Borda, Ryan Viglizzo, and Matt London
    • Description: CritMash is dedicated to offering a space for the constructive critique of projects, inventions, and innovations created by members of the ITP community.
    • URL:
    • Keywords: interactive, net art, HTML