Not Spring, Not Winter (2011)
Mar 05 2011- Mar 06 2011
Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 11:00pm
Curated by Igal Nassima & Nahanaeli Schelling

319 Scholes presents the second Not Spring, Not Winter, an annual exhibition of installations and performances by emerging artists from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The exhibition will run March 5-6th with live performances on opening night from 7-10pm.

ITP is a community of technologists, theorists, engineers, designers and artists uniquely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactivity through experimentation. Not Spring, Not Winter highlights the convergence of new media technologies with other disciplines at ITP through a selection of student body work. The installations and performances range from intimate interactions, to new methods of musical expression.

Participating artists include: Matt Ganucheau, Marko Manriquez, Patrick ProctorToby Schachman, Matt SwensonLuis ViolanteAndrea Wolf, and Sofy Yuditskya.  Live performances by Joshua ClaytonMike CohenTed Hayes, Andy Jordan, Eric MikaMichelle Temple, and Aiwen Wang-Huddleston.

Not Spring, Not Winter is presented as part of Art in Bushwick’s SITE Festival 2011.

Works (In Order of Appearance)
  • Artist: Control. Control. Control.
  • Description: laser-cut mirrors on stands
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, installation
  • Artist: Toby Schachman
  • Description: dual kaleidoscope for two viewers. mirrors, brass, steel, LEDs, table, chairs
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, sculpture, fabrication
Envelope, 2011
  • Artist: Matt Swenson
  • Description: users collect sounds in a virtual environment, navigating using a surfboard
  • URL:
  • Keywords: 3d, interactive, sound, projection, game
  • Artist: Andrea Wolf Yadlin
  • Description: found footage, sculpture, mount, projector
  • URL:
  • Keywords: projection, multimedia, sculpture, installation
  • Artist: Sofy Yuditskaya
  • Description: radio, pickups, microphones, speaker, transmitter
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, live, multimedia, performance
Diptych, 2011
  • Artist: Michelle Temple and Aiwen Wang-Huddleston
  • Description: performance with paper and microphones
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, live, performance
  • Artist: Joshua Clayton
  • Description: slide projector, prisms, field recordings, synthesizer, light sensors
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, projection, live, performance
Water, 2011
  • Artist: Andy Jordan
  • Description: computer, looping software, piezoelectric microphones, water
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, live, performance
Ikea II, 2011
  • Artist: Eric Mika
  • Description: VCR, projector, custom visual controls
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, projection, live, performance, fabrication
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