Not Spring, Not Winter (2010)
Mar 06 2010- Mar 14 2010
Opening Hours: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Curated by Igal Nassima & Nahanaeli Schelling

Not Spring, Not Winter is an exhibition of emerging artists from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.  A variety of student works will be on display, including interactive installations, physical computing projects, and performances born out of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) program.  Of particular interest will be the exploration of the relationship between technology and human behavior as well as reflections on the new boundaries of interactivity.  This exhibition is presented as part of SITE Fest.

Participating artists include: Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, Andrea Wolf, Angela Chen, Ari Joseph, Ariel Nevarez, Arturo Vidich, Chi Ka, Dimitris Makris, Elie ZananiriKarla Calderon, Leo Kang, Marko Manriquez, Matt Ganucheau, Melanie Clemmons, Michael Cohen, Michelle Mayer, Miriam SimunPoram Lee, Sara Bremen, Sarah Dahnke, Sindy Butz, Sonia Yuditskaya, Sooyun Yun, Susan Ngo, Ted Hayes, Winslow Porter, and Yin Ho.


Not Spring Not Winter, March 2010
Works (In Order of Appearance)
Vonome, 2009
  • Artist: Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford
  • Description: Vonome is a musical instrument as well as an interactive installation, as well as a max/msp/jitter patch. It is a 5 octave polyphonic keyboard that plays videos rather than notes; videos are projected onto a screen and organized in a 10 X 6 array.
  • URL:
  • Keywords: sound, live, video, performance, text
Souvenir, 2010
  • Artist: Andrea Wolf Yadlin
  • Description: found 8mm footage, camera, software
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, projection, installation, software
Mimbre, 2010
CleanUP!, 2010
  • Artist: Sooyun Yun and Poram Lee
  • Description: projector, sound, Arduino microcontroller, paper
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, sound, projection, multimedia, performance, installation
  • Artist: Miriam Simun
  • Description: light switch activates bulb to varying brightness and lengths of time depending on how hard it's pulled and for how long
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, multimedia, fabrication
Mirage, 2009
  • Artist: Chi Ka and Leo Kang
  • Description: interactive LED light installation
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, multimedia, installation
SwingFWD, 2010
  • Artist: Susan Ngo
  • Description: projected images controlled by a swing
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, projection, installation
  • Artist: Elie Zananiri and Sara Bremen
  • Description: projected live video feed, motion-sensitiive
  • URL:
  • Keywords: interactive, projection, installation
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