Apr 18 2013- May 05 2013
Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Curated by Christina Latina and Daniel Leyva

Gallery hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2:00pm – 6:00pm and by appointment

“The interior of man has been essentially the same for 40,000 years, since the first emergence of Homo Sapiens. Myth has to do with the spiritual potentialities of this constant, this human being. But the images of myth must be derived from the environment of today and in this place. There is therefore a constant transformation of the image, but not of the reference.” —Joseph Campbell

Artists explain and preserve the human experience through myth, translating internal visions into external interpretations, in order to make sense of physical and psychological worlds. Through a collective agency supported by pervasive connectivity, the creation, purpose, and evolution of myth transfers back into the hands of the global village, reclaimed from centuries of appropriation. Eventually, a sentience emerged, and myths took on a new form—rather than being explicative, they have become alternative. Advances in technology have rendered natural phenomena mere novelty, seemingly explaining all but the existential meaning and complexity of the human mind. Jung suggests that the collective unconscious is a conditioned state, that archetypes are finite and the same mythologies will reiterate ceaselessly. However, storytellers are no longer interested in interpretation, and instead aim to materialize and explore meta-realities. The communal space of the Internet has developed into a proverbial campfire where we sit, glassy-eyed, transfixed by the glow, waiting for revelations.

What’s the state of the modern myth? How do myths proliferate, what do we use to represent them, and what’s the cultural value of storytelling? #FUTUREMYTH presents digital artists engaged in contemporary myth-making who are using the gallery as a way to navigate, define, and discuss the current landscape of mythology and its relevance in our technologically dependent lives.

Participating artists include: Kari Altmann, Matthew Arkell, Iain Ball, Enrico Boccioletti, Manuel Bürger, Sterling Crispin, Claire L. Evans, Ryan Whittier Hale, Erin Henry, Emily Jones, Taylor Kuffner, Paul Laffoley, Kareem Lotfy, Jonas Lund + Sebastian Schmieg, Einar Öberg, Rafaël Rozendaal, Jasper Spicero, Tanner Family, and Clement Valla + Erik Berglin.

Christina Latina is a designer living and working in New York City.  Her work explores the liminal spaces between reality and mythology, particularly those in present and future modalities of visual communication.  She currently teaches design in the Graduate Communications Program at Pratt Institute, and lectures on the the practice of speculative design and the philosophy of science fiction.  She works at Subrosa, developing the most influential of mass mythology: advertising.

Originally from Lake Worth, Florida (26.615916,-80.120621) and part of the last pre-Internet generation, Daniel Leyva is an artist investigating the transient interactions of humans with technology.  Leyva’s work seeks to convey the emotional interconnections between human and machine through different mediums, whether being in the form of video, interactive site, installation or otherwise.  He is inspired by JRPGs and the Home Shopping Network, and currently a web designer based in Brooklyn, New York (40.699325,-73.930339).

Featured Press

#FUTUREMYTH: Digital Myth-Making in Physical Space: “Forgoing much of the use of paint, wood, metal, and many other “traditional” materials, the works in #FUTUREMYTH speak to a newer audience, one that is perhaps more familiar with an iPhone than a paintbrush.” – ANIMAL

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For further reading, visit the exhibition website with a commissioned essay by Adam Rothstein. http://futuremyth.net

Works (In Order of Appearance)
  • Artist: Ryan Whittier Hale
  • Description: Photograph mounted on Sintra
  • URL: www.ryanwhittierhale.com
  • Keywords: photograph
  • Artist: Iain Ball
  • Description: Bushnell® Bone Collector™ Trophy Cam, Texas Instruments RI-TRP-W9TD-30 RFID TAG, Raptor® anti-scaling security spikes, Xchanging company logos, w/ galvanized steel and timber frame.
  • URL: www.energypangea.org
  • Keywords: sculpture, installation
  • Artist: Einar Öberg
  • Description: WebGL experiment projected on silk
  • URL: www.inear.se
  • Keywords: projection, installation
  • Artist: A. Taylor Kuffner
  • Description: Wood, bronze, iron, PVC, robotic mallets, hand batik fabric
  • URL: www.gamelatron.com
  • Keywords: interactive, music, sculpture, installation
  • Artist: Paul Laffoley
  • Description: Seriagraph with correction by the artist
  • URL: www.paullaffoley.net
  • Keywords: print
  • Artist: Rafaël Rozendaal
  • Description: Book on website
  • URL: www.newrafael.com
  • Keywords: text
  • Artist: Jasper Spicero
  • Description: Data Structure & Gloved Painters Hand Parts to window blind set, Alumide, organizer, M&M
  • URL: www.generationworks.me
  • Keywords: installation
  • Artist: Kari Altmann
  • Description: Projected image; decorated structure
  • URL: www.karialtmann.com
  • Keywords: projection, sculpture, installation
  • Artist: Claire L. Evans
  • Description: Single channel video
  • URL: www.clairelevans.com
  • Keywords: video
  • Artist: Iain Ball
  • Description: Pumapunku H-block replica ,”BX” 1,000mW (1W) Blue Laser System, handheld burial accessories, liquid melatonin sublingual, organic banana, Hydrilla verticillata, clear ice block w/ steel, alumimum and laser cut acrylic frame.
  • URL: www.energypangea.org
  • Keywords: sculpture, installation
Artifact, 2012
  • Artist: Erin Henry
  • Description: 20 Inkjet prints on photorag
  • URL:
  • Keywords: print
Techne, 2013
  • Artist: Sterling Crispin
  • Description: Full Digital Holographic Media
  • URL: www.sterlingcrispin.com
  • Keywords: print
Psyche, 2013
  • Artist: Sterling Crispin
  • Description: Full Digital Holographic Media
  • URL: www.sterlingcrispin.com
  • Keywords: print
  • Artist: Enrico Boccioletti
  • Description: Book; printed documents; vinyl print on cardboard, single channel video
  • URL: www.spcnvdr.org
  • Keywords: video, text
  • Artist: Matthew Arkell
  • Description: Freezer, water, LED lights, clock
  • URL: www,matthewarkell.com
  • Keywords: sculpture, installation