Ecologías Correlativas
Oct 13 2011- Oct 27 2011
Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Curated by chimera+

In “The Three Ecologies,” Félix Guattari proposes strategies for an eco-logic and ethico-aesthetic. In grammar, ‘correlative’ implies a (non-adjacent) reciprocal or complimentary relationship. Affixing the two, Ecologías Correlativas presents projects and research from a trans-disciplinary group of artists, architects and scientists navigating interrelated environmental/socio-political ecologies. Many of the participants privilege an open source ethos and think tank mentality, effectively democratizing prototypes and distribution models. From harvesting energy to mobilizing individuals, the works on display ask us to reconsider the roles of technology and subjectivity in what is broadly referred to as ‘ecological’.

Participating artists include: Dan Baker, Ecosistema Urbano, Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab, Fluxxlab, Living Environments Lab, N55, Miguel Soares, Dr. Manos Tentzeris, Terreform ONE, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, texts by Ignacio Nieto & Avinash Rajagopal

chimera+ is a curatorial initiative preoccupied with constructing a politics of the present.

Featured Press

Plugging Art Into the Environment: “No longer associated only with preserving ‘nature,’ going back to the land or creating a sense of local place, the green movement is beginning to turn its attentions to the hybrid networked terrain of modern life [...] Chimera+ has captured this new convergence with Ecologías Correlativas, and 319 Scholes, by continuing to explore this evolving terrain in the coming months, has taken a leading role in demonstrating art’s unique contribution to exploring the ecological promises and failures of our technological world.” – Hyperallergic

Global Positioning: An Interview with Ricardo Dominguez: “We live in a world where only goods and services have rights to cross borders— a world that is a chaosmosis of markets that demand global exchange and aggressive state social filters. We need a geo-aesthetics that can construct ethical and performative complexities for the new earths to come, that can touch new geographies for new bodies— transbodies with transborder rights— artwork that can function as a geo-philosophy for bodies that are flowing as transborder bodies across all the borders the world— a flowing-trans-nation the planet cannot survive without.” – Futherfield

#EXHIBITIONS /// Ecologias Correlativas at 319 Scholes Gallery: “This exhibition is therefore rich of work from people who are attached to the idea of not only designing technology but also producing it; however this production refuses to register itself within its mainstream means which would enclose it in a capitalist scheme of production. In fact that is what links all those designs together, although their object is not necessarily always directly related to a critique of capitalism— as a matter of fact, very few really are— it is their means of production in themselves that constitute a resistance to this system.” – The Funabulist

Related Publication

This exhibition catalogue includes texts by Greg Barton, Emma Chammah, Ignacio Nieto and Avinash Rajagopal.

Works (In Order of Appearance)
  • Artist: Terreform ONE
  • Description: sculpture, styrofoam, 6ft x 12 ft.
  • URL:
  • Keywords: multimedia, sculpture, fabrication
Terreform ONE_ E-waste Bot
City Farming Plant Module
The Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT)
Ambient Energy Scavengers
  • Artist: Rico Miranda Zuniga
  • Description: single-channel video, 24:34
  • URL:
  • Keywords: projection, video
El Rito Apasionado
Untitled, 2011
  • Artist: Dan Baker
  • Description: 18″ x 38″
    resin, physarum polycephalum
  • URL:
  • Keywords: projection, live, sculpture, installation
  • Artist: Miguel Soares
  • Description: 3-D animation
  • URL:
  • Keywords: 3d, video