Oct 22 2010- Oct 31 2010
Opening Hours: 7:00PM - 11:00pm
Curated by Lindsay Howard

DUMP.FM is an image-based chat room for real-time communication. Founded in November 2009 by Ryder Ripps in collaboration with Scott Ostler and Tim Baker, DUMP.FM serves as a platform for artists who use its technology to foster community and creativity. IRL brings together DUMP.FM users from all over the world (many of whom will be meeting “In Real Life” for the first time) to offer an alternative to the traditional 1:1 experience by translating the liveness of DUMP.FM into a visual confectionery through collaborative participation in the physical realm. Look for caves animated by psychedelic GIFs, web-based performances with interactive webcams, architectural renderings of virtual property, and audio-visual recompositions that return images to the social networks and digital systems from which they emerge.

Participating artists include: Francoise GammaJeanette HayesFelix LeeTom MoodyStefan Moore,Scott OstlerArran RidleyRyder RippsErik StinsonDuncan AlexanderMichael Francis, Agathe de TrémontelsSterling CrispinJustin StrawhandTim BakerJoel CookLucy ChinenJude MCAndrej UjhazyDylan FisherJamie Rockaway and Matt Torti, and Chris Shier.

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  • Featured Press

    The Ten Best Exhibitions of 2010: “The new art we’ve been waiting to see for the last 30 years.” - Art Fag City on L Magazine

    DUMP.FM: PLATFORM: “If you watch it long enough you’ll also see that there’s almost a language and an etiquette developing among the harder-core users, like emoticons but with pictures. Think about that. Deep.” – Robert Foster

    DUMP’N with Ryder RippsBad at Sports

    The Year of the Animated GIF: “Given dump.fm’s unique software, the question of how these images move off the site is particularly relevant. Who knows how a gallery would handle the images but I expect that question will be answered shortly. October 22nd, 319 Scholes will exhibit DUMP.FM, a show put together by curator Lindsay Howard. Consider me there.” - Art Fag City

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    DUMP.FM IRL residency highlights
    Works (In Order of Appearance)
    • Artist: Lucy Chinen
    • Description: 24 inkjet prints, mono filament, nails and oscillating fan
    • URL: lucychinen.com
    • Keywords: sculpture, installation
    • Artist: Ryder Ripps
    • Description: photobooth streaming live to dump.fm
    • URL: ryder-ripps.com
    • Keywords: interactive, net art
    IDGI Guy, 2010
    Altar, 2010
    • Artist: Andrej Ujhazy
    • Description: alter mantel made with found objects
    • URL: dump.fm/andrej
    • Keywords: installation
    Objects, 2010
    • Artist: Jude MC
    • Description: arrangement of found objects
    • URL: thunderhorsevideo.com
    • Keywords: sculpture
    azure eecopy copy
    • Artist: Ryder Ripps
    • Description: 3 paintings. Facebook default.
    • URL: ryder-ripps.com
    • Keywords: painting
    • Artist: Joel Cook
    • Description: a collection of animated gifs from dump.fm/frankhats
    • URL: dump.fm/frankhats
    • Keywords: animated gif
    Futurism, 2010
    • Artist: Erik Stinson
    • Description: book of poems
    • URL: erikstinson.com
    • Keywords: text
    RGB, 2010
    Ray, 2010
    • Artist: Lucy Chinen
    • Description: plaster, paper, wire, acrylic paint, synthetic hair and children’s jean jacket
    • URL: lucychinen.com
    • Keywords: sculpture
    • Artist: Jamie Rockaway and Matt Torti
    • Description: video, looping
    • URL: pixelfucks.com
    • Keywords: animated gif, video
    dump.fm, 2009
    • Artist: Scott Ostler, Tim Baker, and Ryder Ripps
    • Description: online chatroom
    • URL: dump.fm
    • Keywords: interactive, net art, HTML
    Fav, 2010
    • Artist: Duncan Alexander
    • Description: EL wire
    • URL: hypothete.com
    • Keywords: interactive, installation, fabrication
    IN, 2010
    Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 6.23.09 PM
    • Artist: Duncan Alexander
    • Description: interactive processing
    • URL: hypothete.com
    • Keywords: interactive, sound, projection, installation, software
    • Artist: Justin Strawhand
    • Description: video of a hanging man attacked by crab, viewed through small portal
    • URL: mutationengine.com
    • Keywords: animated gif, projection, video, installation
    Keywords, 2010
    • Artist: Stefan Moore
    • Description: video, loop
    • URL: stefanmoore.com
    • Keywords: video
    • Artist: Chris Shier
    • Description: html, animated gif
    • URL: csh.bz/right.html
    • Keywords: animated gif, projection, HTML